Authorization to test

Once a pharmacist has submitted a completed application along with the appropriate fees to NISPC, the pharmacist’s eligibility to take the examinations will be determined based on the criteria in the "Eligibility Requirements" section of the Candidate's Guide.

For Paper and Pencil Exams

Upon approval, a letter will be mailed to the pharmacist informing him/her of the location, date, and time of the examination.

For Computerized Exams

Upon approval, an Authorization to Test (ATT) will be issued and mailed to you. The ATT will include a test authorization number for each examination you have registered, and the toll-free LaserGrade Call Center number to use when scheduling your appointment at a location convenient to you. Please allow up to 10 working days for processing your registration, confirming your eligibility, and the receipt of your ATT.

You must have your ATT before you can schedule an appointment to take the DSM examinations. If you lose your ATT, please contact NABP at 847-698-6227.

Scheduling Your Examination Appointment

Once you receive your ATT, you may schedule an appointment to test at any time during its validity period, depending upon availability at the LaserGrade Testing Centers. Appointments are made on a first-come, first-served basis.

Your ATT is valid for six months from the date NABP notifies you of your eligibility. You will forfeit your testing fee if you fail to schedule your appointment within the eligibility period and will have to reapply if you wish to take the DSM examination(s) at a later date. You will not be allowed to schedule your appointment beyond the date on which your eligibility expires.

You must adhere to the following procedures when scheduling your appointment.

  1. Select the test center of your choice. You cannot make a testing appointment until you receive your ATT. Make sure to have your ATT available when you make your call. You may schedule an appointment at LaserGrade Testing Centers by calling LaserGrade. A list of testing center locations may also be found on LaserGrade's Web site. You may take the examination in any of the LaserGrade Testing Centers regardless of the state in which you are practicing.
  2. When you call to schedule an appointment, you will be asked to verify your name, address, and ATT number. LaserGrade staff cannot make changes to the information you supplied to NABP. Discrepancies, such as name or address changes, must be resolved through NABP prior to scheduling your appointment.
  3. You will be asked your preference for the date and time of testing. Test centers are typically open from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, but many have extended hours. Be sure to ask for directions to the center if you need them. LaserGrade Testing Center maps can be found on LaserGrade's Web site.
  4. On the bottom of your ATT, space has been provided to write the date, time, confirmation number, and location of your testing appointment. You are responsible for remembering this information. No confirmation of your appointment will be sent to you. Failure to keep an appointment will result in forfeiture of the testing fee.

Scheduling Special Testing Accommodations

Candidates who have requested special testing accommodations should not schedule an appointment to take the examination(s) until receiving written confirmation granting the special accommodations from NABP. Appropriate medical documentation must accompany requests for special testing accommodations. NABP will review such requests and notify candidates as to accommodation availability. Candidates whose special testing accommodations have been approved should schedule their testing appointment by calling the LaserGrade Call Center.

Computer Exam

If you need to change your examination appointment, you must cancel your existing appointment before rescheduling to a new date or making changes in the test center location. You must call the LaserGrade Call Center at its toll-free number no later than noon of the second business day prior to your scheduled appointment. (Saturday is considered a business day.) For example, if you are scheduled to test at 9 AM on Monday, you must call by noon on the Friday before to cancel your appointment. Leaving a message on an answering machine is not an acceptable method of canceling or rescheduling your appointment to test.

If you fail to arrive for your appointment or cancel without giving the required notice, you will forfeit your testing fee

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