The NISPC credentialed pharmacist must complete 30 hours of ACPE approved continuing education in the specific disease state within the three-year certification period; 10 of those hours must be obtained during the third year. Copies of the certificates of continuing education must be kept for at least one year after the certification expiration date. For multiple credentials, a pharmacist must obtain a separate 30 hours of credit for each specific disease. For example, a pharmacist certified in asthma and diabetes would need 30hrs of asthma and 30 hours of diabetes CE’s for a total of 60 hours of CE's in a three-year period.

*Effective for pharmacists receiving their NISPC credential beginning in 2000. Pharmacists who received their NISPC credential in 1998 and 1999 are exempt from the disease specific CE's ONLY for the first recertification period. However, they are responsible for maintaining the thirty (30) hours of CE during their current three-year period.


NISPC will randomly audit a certain number of NISPC certified pharmacists for verification of continuing education. If audited, list all continuing education hours on the continuing education record and send photocopies of the certificates of participation. NISPC reserves the right to audit NISPC credentialed pharmacists at anytime.

Locating Continuing Education

Locating Continuing Education Continuing education can be obtained from many sources including but not limited to:

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