Examinations info

The NISPC Disease State Management (DSM) examinations are standardized assessment tools designed to measure the knowledge and judgment of pharmacists providing disease state management services to patients with asthma, diabetes, dyslipidemia, and those undergoing anticoagulation treatment. Each examination is based upon national standards developed by a coalition of recognized experts drawn from all areas of pharmacy practice.

The DSM examinations are based on a nationally uniform content blueprint with questions that are tailored to assess the candidate's practical knowledge of various DSM states. All candidates are tested on their mastery of the various DSM disease states as outlined in the DSM Examinations Competency Statements. Candidates must take a separate exam for each disease state in which they are seeking to be credentialed.

Pharmacists receiving a passing score on the DSM examinations will receive a nationally recognized credential from the NISPC, and will have the opportunity to be listed on NABP's Pharmacist and Pharmacy Achievement and Discipline (PPAD) Web site database.

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