Examinations Standards

The DSM Examinations Standards and Objectives were developed by panels of experts in anticoagulation, asthma, diabetes and dyslipidemia. Using the National Community Pharmacists Association's, National Institute for Pharmacist Care Outcomes (NIPCO) national model as one of the resources for development, each of the four disease specific outlines delineate the knowledge base that would be expected of pharmacists providing primary care services.

The DSM Standards and Objectives have been cross-referenced back to the Competency Statements. Based on a careful review, the content experts found that all of the topics in each of the four DSM Standards and Objectives content outlines fit within the context of the of the DSM Competency Statements.

The following Preamble applies to all Disease State Management Examinations Standards/Objectives:

In order to better serve the public health and welfare, and ensure that a patient's therapy is most appropriate, pharmacists shall possess the following competencies in order to secure credentialing to provide patient management services in those disease states for which NABP evaluation instruments have been developed

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