Preparing for the DSM Examinations

Your formal education, training, practical experiences, and self-study prepare you for the DSM examinations. The DSM examinations have been designed to assess how well you can apply your knowledge, skills, and practical experience to evaluate situations involving the various disease states. Consult the DSM Competency Statements as well as the DSM Standards and Objectives for descriptions of possible examination question topics

Refer to the list below to assist you in locating continuing education that may assist you in preparing for the DSM exams:

Candidates are advised that NISPC and NABP do not sanction, endorse, or recommend any particular review course or study guide for use in preparation for the DSM examinations. The DSM exams and all materials pertaining to it are protected under the copyright laws of the United States. DSM and appropriate materials issued by NABP are the property of the Association, which will enforce its rights.

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