Why Be Certified By NISPC?

In general, certification is the public's assurance that an individual has met rigorous standards endorsed by a national professional body. Most employers welcome and respect certification by a national body the certification agency is often used to verify credentials, and certification limits liability claims.

Certification is a fundamental standard among major health professions in this country. Whereas licensure is important to legally perform the work of a profession, certification is important for internal professional recognition and external verification and accountability. NISPC's standards are just that kind.

Mobility. The NISPC credential is nationally recognized and requires no additional steps for a pharmacist when moving between states.

Credibility. NISPC’s collaborative effort with the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) in developing the certification examination meets the highest standards by providing a psychometrically sound examination in the various disease states. After all, NABP is the body that administers the test that nearly every pharmacist* in the United States must pass in order to obtain a pharmacy license.

NISPC certification stands for professionalism

The NISPC designation, Certified Disease Manager (CDM), offers much more than a series of letters after your name. It indicates the highest level of professionalism and proficiency in specific disease states. NISPC is the national professional, credentialing organization for pharmacists seeking to become credentialed in specific disease states. NISPC certification guarantees that these professionals have met rigorous standards of training and competency and have passed a national examination. To the public, these letters inspire trust. To payers, they inspire confidence, and they know they’re dealing with pharmacists armed with the latest research and knowledge.

NISPC certification is a symbol of your personal and professional commitment

Because NISPC certification is perceived as the model of excellence relating to specific disease states within our profession, obtaining the NISPC credential demonstrates your commitment to excellence as well.

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