Press Releases

NISPC Dyslipidemia Exam Now Available
September 7, 2002

Pharmacists Eligible for G.I. Bill Education Benefits
Can Receive Reimbursement for NISPC Exams

August 7, 2002

NISPC Launches Newly Expanded Website
November 26, 2001

NIPSC Adopt CDM as Credential Designation
September 10, 2001

NISPC Reinstates Paper and Pencil Exams
August 7, 2001

Anagnostiadis Named NISPC Executive Director
May 22, 2001

375 Disease State Management Credentials Are Awarded By NISPC
August 19, 1999

NISPC Payer Advisory Panel and Standards Board Meet
April 30, 1999

NABP Successfully Completes First National Administration of Disease State Management Exams
November 6, 1998

Pharmacy Groups Unified on Credentialing for Disease State Management
October 15, 1998

NISPC Invites Involvement of National Pharmacy Organizations In Continuing Development of Pharmacist Credentialing Initiative
September 30, 1998